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Furniture Christopher Guy
Christopher Guy Furniture Factory produces luxury luxury products that adorn the most prestigious hotels in America and Europe. Christopher Guy furniture has an original design, authored by the owner and…

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Shod tables for stylish interiors
A variety of prevailing styles of art forging, the possibility of their successful mixing, new processing technologies, and advanced painting techniques for metal decorators allow you to create unique things…

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Components of a modern bedroom interior
The interior of any bedroom must necessarily correspond to the tastes of its owners. Draperies, colors, lighting, furniture - this is what a truly successful design of a modern bedroom…

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How to choose a kitchen: tips and tricks

There were times in the distant past when the assortment of furniture in stores was so small that you had to choose from two evils: standard sizes, and the color range could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Today, a different kind of problem has arisen: the endless possibilities of choice can sometimes be confusing and the hostess does not even know where to start the choice. Continue reading

Wardrobe: what should it be?

The popularity of wardrobes is increasing every day. This is not surprising, because such designs are ahead of traditional furniture in many respects. They have a large capacity, and the decoration of products can be made of various materials. This allows you to get furniture of the desired aesthetic characteristics, which can rationally use the space of the room.

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5 questions regarding a corner sofa

What are the advantages of corner sofas compared to conventional ones? Buyers often ask which sofas are considered fashionable today? Manufacturers in such cases answer – angular.

Having studied fashionable models, you will notice that corner sofas have many obvious advantages:
• compactness;
• spaciousness (have more places for placement);
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Office furniture to order

If, in your opinion, the office should reflect the impeccable taste of the owner, and visitors should see the atmosphere of excellent quality, contact the company Liberty Furniture, which can offer you a wide assortment of headsets, decor items. Having extensive experience in retail sales of a wide variety of furniture, our experts will assist in the selection of a wide variety of sets for any office space.

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Individual furniture to order: the interior, which he invented himself

The interior of the room will tell about the status and high morale of the owner. Therefore, it is very important to coordinate details and attributes during the design of furniture, which only furniture made according to personal parameters and design will perfectly cope with.

Luxurious Italian custom-made furniture opens up the prospect of reconstructing your own interior style in space, embodying the most creative and daring ideas. Continue reading

How to choose children's furniture?
Choosing children's furniture has always been a difficult task for parents, because children grow very quickly, so the furniture should be suitable for the child now, and in the next…


Corner wardrobes
Corner sliding wardrobes are made mainly of chipboard - laminated particleboard. The most important and distinctive structural element of sliding wardrobes is the sliding mechanism of the doors, it consists…


9 tips for choosing a dining table for the kitchen
Dining table is the heart of the kitchen: the appearance of the room and its practicality depend on it. Below we give recommendations regarding the selection of this furniture. Just…


Italian furniture: why is it so popular?
Today, Italian furniture is increasingly heard. It is in special demand in Russia and other countries of the world. The most important component of the Italian economy is the manufacture…