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How to choose children's furniture?
Choosing children's furniture has always been a difficult task for parents, because children grow very quickly, so the furniture should be suitable for the child now, and in the next…

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9 tips for choosing a dining table for the kitchen
Dining table is the heart of the kitchen: the appearance of the room and its practicality depend on it. Below we give recommendations regarding the selection of this furniture. Just…

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How to save space indoors with furniture
Today, everyone is aware of the role that furniture plays in everyday life. With the help of correctly selected furniture, you can provide comfortable conditions for living and working. Even…

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What was the furniture in ancient Egypt

” ‘An informative article about what furniture the ancient Egyptians used in everyday life. You will find out that even then people were sleeping on beds with orthopedic effect. Ancient Egyptian style today has become an independent area of ​​interior design. ” ‘

Ancient Egyptian furniture is known to our contemporaries not only due to wall paintings: the custom of leaving things in the tombs for the comfortable afterlife of the deceased gave researchers original samples of things of that time. We know what benches and tables were, mattresses and beds, how the throne of the pharaoh looked and what dishes were made of in the houses of the inhabitants of Egypt. Continue reading

Useful tips for transporting furniture

Transportation of furniture includes not only transportation, but also its preliminary preparation (dismantling of furniture, packaging, labeling of packages) and subsequent assembly. Each stage should be carried out as carefully as possible so that all parts are in stock.

With an apartment or office move furniture transportation always includes a lot of subtleties. Firstly, not all furniture can fit in a van, so some of its items have to be taken apart to begin with. But here there is one more nuance – not all furniture is disassembled, and even if it is disassembled, then difficulties arise with the assembly of part of the parts, since the grooves of some of them are loose. Continue reading

Furniture in the “inner world” of an apartment or house

Often, reading fiction, we see in books a description of the way people live. Note that many great writers showed the inner world of the hero, his social position and even his state of mind through the things that surround him. This is what is called the “real world”.

The world of things that creates a certain aura around a person. It is known that many of us think in images, and very emotionally. Also, even in childhood, and even more so in adolescence, it will not be difficult for us to play a game (maybe many played it), where you need to choose what color a person is associated with. Often a person is associated with the color of his clothes, but not always. Continue reading

Cheap sofas in the interior

When a company prepares to open its office, and it can be both the first and far from the first, it needs to be furnished. In this case, it is very important to think through all the moments so that the employees feel comfort at the workplace and can fully utilize all the furniture functionality.

Office furniture selection

Even safes are quite popular with many companies, because a sufficient number of business representatives are working with cash. It is very important that all money is stored in a safe place, and therefore a safe is a very important purchase for an office that is opening or already operating. Continue reading

Corner wardrobes

Corner sliding wardrobes are made mainly of chipboard – laminated particleboard. The most important and distinctive structural element of sliding wardrobes is the sliding mechanism of the doors, it consists of guide profiles and rollers. The more reliable this mechanism is, the longer the cabinet will last.

Corner wardrobes

There are several types of corner sliding wardrobes:

Triangular – is installed in the corner, without side walls; Continue reading

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